Cycle Courier Coops

Both bicycle courier co-operatives are part of a global federation of cycle courier co-ops.

with Claire Stocks of Chorlton Bike Deliveries and Matt Nicholson of York Collective

Both are bicycle courier co-operatives and part of a global federation of cycle courier co-ops.


  • CoopCycle is the federation of bicycle courier co-operatives who are creating the software and governing structure behind the a hub around which these courier coops revolve.
  • It was started by a couple of people who used to work for one of the big delivery platforms. They wanted to build an ethical alternative. It’s a co-op, decisions are taken by the members.
  • It’s free to join and you get access to the platform, which you can help to develop. Over time, the platform will have to develop an income stream. But at the moment, if anyone wants to start a cycle courier co-op in their community, linking up with them is a great idea – there’s a lot of support and knowledge there.

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